Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Getting Out of an Unhealthy Relationship

Letting Go of an Unhealthy Relationship

Unhealthy relationships are relationships that can cause someone to get hurt physically or emotionally. These unhealthy relationships can last a few weeks, a few months, or even years. Not all unhealthy relationships are physically abusive but they can include verbal, emotional, or sexual abuse. Relationships can actually take a physically toll on human health. Good relationships can increase mental well being and make the body much less susceptible to disease and infection while unhealthy relationships can cause physical and mental illness.

So, why would anyone want an unhealthy relationship?

The answer is almost always related to the individuals past. The past shapes and molds who we are to become as adults. Women who are emotionally or sexually abused as children are more likely to be attracted to men who exhibit the same behaviors as their abusers.

Physical and emotional abuse are not the only reasons why Women choose an unhealthy relationship, it can usually be traced back to their fathers that most likely withheld approval, love and any attention at all. While this may seem outrageous to understand for someone who has never been abused or emotionally deprived it is quite normal behavior for those who chose an unhealthy relationship(s).

Here are 7 tips for letting go of an unhealthy relationship and completely ending it:

Tip #1 - Talk to someone you trust about the relationship. This can be someone like a parent, counselor or close friend. Don't hold back any thoughts for feelings. You want honest advice, so you must speak in truth, complete truth.

Tip #2 - End your relationship over the phone to avoid any physical threats or actions. Make sure your with someone during this process. Don't send an email since emails can easily be ignored and deleted.

Tip #3 - If your relationship was an abusive one take notes on when the abuse happened. Keep track of dates, times and what physically happened to you. You may need this diary in case your abuse goes to trial.

Tip #4 - Always try to avoid the person. Do not call, email, instant message or communicate in any other way. We are ending this relationship and all forms of contact.

Tip #5 - Carry a fully charged cell phone with speed dials programmed to emergency services if you're leaving an abusive mate.

Tip #6 - Find a support group or forum online or offline. You need to talk about your feelings openly and completely. A support group can also help break the cycle of choosing an abusive mate.

Tip #7 - If you repeatatly find yourself entering unhealthy relationships you need to see a psychologist on regular basis in order find out why you are choosing this destructive path in relationships and how it can be reversed.


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