Saturday, July 5, 2008

10 Tips for Getting Over a Relationship Breakup

Getting over a relationship breakup

is one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. I've only broken up with someone once and that was pretty easy, however it's the getting dumped part that completely sucks. I'm sure you know since you're reading this post.

So, here are 10 tips for Getting over a relationship breakup:

Tip #1: Find a support group. This group can be a "face to face" one or an online forum. Introduce yourself, give a brief description of what you're going through. Open up and be completely honest on how you feel.

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Tip #2: Exercise on a daily basis. Exercising releases natural drugs in the brain called endorphins which gives you a natural high. When I went through my last breakup I exercised about twice a day and I must say it helped immensely with getting over the relationship breakup.

Tip #3: Dive into your hobby. If you don't have one then get one. It's time to get your mind thinking about something else.

Tip #4: Put (or throw) away pictures and videos. We are starting a new chapter in our life, so there is no need to be reminded of the old one.

Tip #5: When it's over it's over. Stop calling, emailing, IM'ing etc. Cut off all contact with your ex. Communicating with your ex just extends the pain and can cause some nasty fights.

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Tip #6: Consult a psychologist and discuss your situation honestly. If you have decent insurance your visit may covered. A psychologist can professionally gauge your level of pain and depression due to the relationship breakup. Your psychologist may suggest a combination of speaking sessions and anti-depressants. I personally needed the anti-depressants and I must admit that they drastically helped me.

Tip #7: Don't dive into another relationship too soon. You need to time to grieve and forget. Getting into another relationship too soon means your heart and mind will be in 2 places instead of one, and that's not fair to either of you.

Tip #8: Discuss your relationship breakup with your family. It doesn't matter who you're closest to, just go see them or give them a call. Let your family know what you're going throw. I talked to my mom and grandma about every feeling I had. Both of them set me straight with advice that I couldn't get anywhere else because they knew me like no one else.

Tip #9: Stop hanging out with common friends. When I say common friends I mean friends that both you and your ex associated with. You need forget about your ex relationship and seeing them will be a constant reminder. I hated doing this, but there was no other way around it. Even today (5 years later) if I see one of our old common friends I'm immediately reminded of my Ex.

Tip #10: Strengthen your relationship with your close friends (these are friends that you had before your Ex). Going out with my friends from college really helped forget about my relationship breakup. When you go "out on the town" have fun with your friends and remember not to start dating anyone too soon. Also, be really careful with alcohol and drugs at this time since all they will do is intensify your sad feelings (at least they did for me).

I hope these 10 tips for getting over a relationship breakup helped you.

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